The Value of Experienced Care

In addition to traditional life-saving options, the Lourdes Cardiovascular Institute offers the latest, most advanced, and minimally-invasive approaches, allowing patients to receive quality care close to home.

At the Lourdes Cardiovascular Institute, patients and their families have the reassurance of knowing that care comes from an accomplished and dedicated staff that is committed to a patient-centered experience and to continued successful outcomes.

The operating room team for heart surgery consists of the cardiovascular surgeon, assisting surgeons, cardiovascular anesthesiologists, perfusion technologists (if a heart-lung machine is used) and cardiovascular nurses. Likewise a dedicated team of diagnostic specialists, pathologists, oncologists, physician assistants, respiratory therapists, surgical and intensive-care nurses and other allied health professionals assists during lung operations and other thoracic surgeries.

Following cardiothoracic surgery, patients benefit from care in cardiac or special intensive-care units designed to meet the unique needs of thoracic surgery patients.

“We have the best right here.”
Surgery repaired Dom Marandolo's heart, allowing it to beat normally again.

Advanced Options

We specialize both in conventional care as well as the most advanced, minimally-invasive approaches. Our robotic surgeons are among the most experienced on the East Coast, and the Lourdes Cardiovascular Institute helps more people with cardiovascular problems than any other health system in the region.

Our surgeons specialize in:

Whenever possible, our specialists emphasize on minimally-invasive approaches, such as robotic surgery, which aims to “spare the sternum.” For heart operations, our specialists sometimes performs surgery while the heart is still beating, thereby eliminating the need for a heart-lung bypass. For thoracic surgery for conditions of the lungs or the chest, the specialists remove tumors and perform other interventions through the smallest of incisions.