Types of Thoracic Conditions

We offer comprehensive care for all types of conditions that affect the chest (called the thorax). In addition to cardiovascular care for the heart and blood vessels, our experienced specialists provide care for all of the following conditions:

A Patient’s Perspective
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  • Thoracic surgeons specialize in conditions that affect the chest (thorax), and specifically diseases of the lungs and esophagus
  • Thoracic conditions include collapsed lung, problems with the esophagus (such as chronic acid reflux), pneumonia and other infections of the lungs, cancers of the lungs and chest, as well as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), among other conditions.
Thoracic Surgeries

  • The removal of tumors or cysts from the throat, lungs or chest cavity
  • Removal of fluid or pressure from around the lungs
  • Repair or removal of collapsed, infected or damaged lung tissues
  • Repair of the esophagus
Advanced Care

  • Our physicians are among the most experienced in the area, excelling in the surgical treatment of diseases that affect the esophagus, chest area and lungs
  • Whenever possible, our surgeons use the least invasive techniques, opting for surgeries that require the smallest of incisions
  • We specialize in the most advanced technology, including robotic surgery
  • We’re committed to providing a patient-centered experience

Advanced Approaches

Whenever possible, our surgeons care for patients using the least invasive and most advanced interventions possible. In addition to traditional approaches, we specialize in laparoscopy, video-assisted thorascosopy and robotic surgery. At Lourdes Cardiovascular Institute, the percentage of cardiothoracic surgical procedures performed minimally invasively or by a sternum-sparing approach is among highest of any heart centers in the greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey regions.