Problems that Affect the Blood Vessels

The vascular specialists at the Lourdes Cardiovascular Institute are recognized experts in their fields, offering leading-edge treatments for a wide variety of vascular conditions. These conditions include:

  • Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD): The most common vascular condition, PAD occurs when arteries supplying blood to the body’s extremities become narrowed or clogged.
  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA): This weakening in the walls of the arteries causes a bulge in the portion of the aorta as it passes through the abdomen.
  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT): A blood clot, or thrombus, forms in a deep vein.
  • Venous reflux disease: Rather than returning to the heart, blood pools in the legs due to improperly operating valves in a vein, often resulting in varicose veins, skin discoloration or ulcers.
  • Carotid artery disease: Also known as carotid artery stenosis, this condition results in a narrowing of the carotid arteries typically caused by the buildup of fatty substances and cholesterol deposits, called plaque.
  • Coronary artery disease: Narrowing of the blood vessels that surround the heart.
“I am living proof that it works.”
A non-invasive procedure repaired three of Albert Hinkson's coronary arteries, saving his life.

  • The vascular system includes 60,000 miles of blood vessels that carry blood to every part of the body
  • Arteries carry oxygen-rich blood away from the heart to tissues throughout the body
  • Veins carry oxygen-depleted blood back to the heart
Vascular Problems

  • Aneurysms, including of the aorta (the main artery of the body) and of the brain
  • Narrowing of the blood vessels, including narrowing of the carotid artery as well as the peripheral vessels in the legs and feet
  • Other malformations and abnormalities of the veins and arteries

  • Minimally-invasive heart surgery, including robot-assisted surgery
  • Catheter procedures to open and/or repair blood vessels
  • Stroke prevention procedures
  • Traditional open-heart bypass surgery

The Treatments We Offer

Our specialists are able to treat all types of vascular disease with procedures such as:

  • Atherectomy: A procedure to remove plaque build-up from a vessel wall using rotational, directional or excimer lasers.
  • Thrombectomy: A surgical procedure to remove a blood clot in an artery or vein.
  • Endarterectomy: A surgical procedure to remove plaque build-up in an artery.
  • Inferior Vena Clava Filter (IVC): A small device inserted into a surgically treated vein to prevent future clots from going to the lung.
  • Laser/Radiofrequency Ablation (EVLT/RFA): A minimally invasive treatment for venous reflex and varicose veins that uses light or sound waves.
  • Angioplasty: Inflating a balloon to widen a narrowed or blocked vessel.
  • Stenting: The insertion of small expandable tubes, or stents, to treat narrow or weakened arteries.
  • Sclerotherapy: An injection of a solution directly into a spider vein or varicose vein that irritates the lining of the vessel, causing it to fade over time from view.
  • Open Heart Bypass Surgery: A procedure during which blocked arteries are bypassed with blood vessels taken from another part of the body or with a synthetic graft.
  • Surgery for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA): A repair to the damaged aorta using direct access through the abdomen.
  • Stent Graft: In this minimally-invasive procedure, a specially designed stent covered with a flexible material is inserted into an artery.

Why Choose Us?

At Lourdes Cardiovascular Institute, patients and their families have the reassurance of knowing that care comes from an accomplished and dedicated staff that is committed to a patient-centered experience and to the continued successful outcomes it has achieved for so many patients.

We specialize both in conventional care as well as the most advanced, minimally-invasive approaches. Our robotic surgeons are among the most experienced on the East Coast, and the Lourdes Cardiovascular Institute helps more people with cardiovascular problems than any other health system in the region.